Can I Get Company Id On Function/smarty From Database?

$company_id = db_get_field("SELECT company_id FROM ?:company WHERE company_id = ?i"
something like this getting the company id from database?

If you mean multi-storefront, please use $runtime.company_id variable in Smarty template

Won't work if running single storefront that's been upgraded from years past.... Not sure about new stores. Use



Old conversion hacks in early 4.x where they did not migrate company_id = 0 to company_id = 1 for single site installations. Here's the logic used:

function fn_get_runtime_company_id()
    $company_id = Registry::ifGet('runtime.company_id', 0);
    if (!$company_id && Registry::get('runtime.simple_ultimate')) {
        $company_id = Registry::get('runtime.forced_company_id');
return $company_id;


Thanks for the clarification

Thanks guys, i appreciate the help