Can I Change the Opacity?

Is there a way to change the opacity for the “view larger images” feature in 2.0 RC?

Right now when someone clicks on the View Larger Images link on the product details page, the screen goes black except for the images in the center of the screen. It would be nice to set an opacity for the black so that the rest of the web page shows through a little.

It seems ok to me, [url][/url]. Do you have a link?

Even at the link you sent, the screen goes completely black except for the images in the center. It would be nicer to have an opacity setting so it looks like this page (click on a flower and notice that the screen is not completely black, ie. you can see through it to the page you’re on).


Mine goes slightly grey with the image in the middle. I can still see the web page behind.

Have you tried it on another machine? What browser are you using?

ok, I just tried it in FF and it works ok. It does NOT work correctly in IE8 unless you use “compatibility view” (IE 7 settings).

I also noticed that 2.0 is shown as “broken” in IE8. With IE8 being the dominant browser in a few months, we shouldn’t have 2.0 “broken” out of the box.

I’ll report the black screen as a bug.