Can I change the base number of the "Order Number"?

I replaced an established site with this CS 4.02 and love it. Problem is that when a customer gets a invoice or other email (auto generated) it shows the Order Number as Order #5 or Order #12 and such and makes my business look silly. (Really? They have only sold 5 items since they have been in business?). How can I change the base (auto generated) number to something respectable like 22000 (or some such) so that the customer gets correspondence that make me look properly legit?


How do I make the software think I have sold 22000 items, and the next sale is just normal old number 22001?

Go to Settings/General and change the “Initial Order ID Value” to whatever you want you first order to be.

Thanks. I had looked at that first but moved on because it was named differently, “Initial order ID value” instead of “Initial Order Number” or “Starting Order #” or some such.

Changed and tested it, I now have legitimate order numbers, Thank You!

P.S. - also, it was seamless to do after I already had orders. It just jumped from the low number to the high on my Order list.