Can I add one category as a sub-category of more than 1 category?

For example, lets say I have a category name “books” and like to have it as a sub-category of more than 1 main category like having it under “Paper Products” and “Inck” for example. Right now I see I can only add it to 1 category.

Can someone help me out on this one and let me know a way or a quick code change to make it work?



I thought that when you added extra categories in product details tab the automatically were secondary categories, the one with radio button selected is primary, (i thought)


From what I can see, I can add a product to many categories but can only add a category as a sub-category to only 1 main category, I can't add a sub category to muliple main categories which is what I'm trying to do.

Any help in achieving this would be greatly appreciated.



The unprofessional way would be to create two identical subcategories, which you would link them to different main categories and then use the secondary categories feature, in order to have the products you want, appearing in both places. Problem is you have to remember to point each product to both subcategories.

I guess somehow, this could be done with some code instead, so let wait and see if anyone else posts it.

Hi mug, yes was thinking of this but would be terrible to manage. I guess I'll need some modification done. Thx for help.