Can I 'rearrange' parts of the product details page?

Hi All!

I am not sure exactly the technical name for the product page but I attached a picture to the section of the page I am asking about. Also I am using CS-Cart 2.2.5 still.


Is it possible to modify/rearrange some of the these sections of this page?

Such as this:

List price: $19.95

[color=#ff0000]Price: $10.95[/color]

You save: $9.00 (45%)

I would like to change to something like:

[color=#FF0000]Price: $10.95 [/color](List price: $19.95) - You save: $9.00 (45%)

And move the Quantity Discounts up some and more the 'Quantity Box' down some, etc…

Basically just wanting to clean up this section of the page so it appears much cleaner and visually appealing to my customers.

But I am not sure how to edit this (what file(s) need to be changed, etc). Can this be done through CS-Cart or is it better to do through an editor like Dreamweaver?

Thank you so much for any suggestions!!!



The answer to your post title is “yes you can” - it might be worth putting the store into customisation mode, and viewing your product details page. It will be using one of a few files depending on what layout you choose in the admin; Settings > Appearance; “Product detailed page layout”

For example, my file path is; skins\MY_SKIN\customer\blocks\product_templates\modern_template.tpl

If you open the .tpl file is an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver, you can then move content around to your liking.