Can CSCart Self-generate a Catalog?

Can CSCart Self-generate a Catalog? It would be used for a newsletter or site news…

Does anybody know if CSCart can do this, and how?

Also, what does the “HTML catalog” do after it “generates” and is it downloading when it “generates”, and how much downloading is it?

If it can’t self-generate a catalog, that would be a suggested feature to have…

There will be a new Price List add-on available, probably in 2.0.9. You can take a look at it at It is pretty basic but might meet your needs.


I don’t know if this is what you talking about when you say “Price List”:


That, I could use but I was talking about something I could send through email to our members… namely a formatted catalog self-generated by the store software…I know I’m asking for a alot but it doesn’t have to be fancy…

Thanks for the link, that is very helpful to see the maximum capablities of cs-cart… I’d like to know how some things on it but I don’t want to ask a question that’s already has been answered…like a quick way to view a listing of all the products for the front side of the store…like this site does



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Go to [url][/url] and install the Price list option. Then select the ‘edit’ link where you will be able to configure which fields are included in the price list. You will see 2 links provided (one Excel, the other PDF) that you can use in a block elsewhere so that your customer can download the price list.

It is pretty rudimentary at this point but is a start. We can always request additional features for future inclusion.


This is a nice addition! I just had a customer request a catalog and I couldn’t provide one from my current shopping cart. Nice to know that I’ll have that option (and on demand, too!) in 2.0.9. I’m looking forward to this feature when I upgrade my 2.0.8 work in progress to 2.0.9 once it’s available.


I have get this error

Generating PDF. Please, be patient...

Children's Books.
Computers & Internet.
Handhelds & PDAs.
Monitors & Projectors.
Computer Cases.
Video Cards.
Hard Rock & Metal.
Classic Rock.
Kids & Baby.
DVD Recorders.
Plasma TVs.
Fatal error: Call to undefined method TCPDF::_put() in /var/www/html/ on line 5973

Yes, it is in addons. When you click the ‘edit’ link, you get a dialog to enter the parameters used for generating your cart. You may need to install the addon first as I think it resets to an uninstalled state when they refresh the database.


I starting to think I don’t have 2.0.9 It certainly doesn’t have price list in the add on page. How would I find out what version I’m using?

You definitely do not have 2.0.9 as it is not yet released. You need to go to to preview the feature. Use your forum credentials for access and then hit the "sign in’ button on the login page.


Can’t get this addon to work with my cs-cart version (2.0.6) does anywone know if it’s compatible?