Can cscart have a product page with multple items calculated and added to cart?

I need a product page where the customer and add the number of items needed in a box next to a variable with mulitple options then total it up number when added to cart.

Here is an image of what I need.

Can this be done with cscart?

You'd need to supply more info on how you have your products setup. Is each letter a separate product_id or is each letter an option. If you have them as separate product_id's then you can order different quantities of each. If they are options, then you're assuming the quantity is the same for all options.

You can set these up as option combinations where each letter is a separately inventoried combination of the product. Then you would have to write some custom html to display it in a way that made sense for you and your customers. I doubt that standard cs-cart option combination display for checkoxes would be visually appealing in this case.

I currently have each item as a separate product where the style, type and size are options and a quantity box beside each specific item. As it is set up now this requires over 50 different product pages. Other sites have the same items that can be ordered more simply on a single page.

I would like to offer the individual items as a single product with options of color, size and style and have the option for a quantity box for each specific letter on a single page like show on this site [color=#0000ff]View Site Here[/color]

This would simplify the ordering process for my customers and how I manage and edit the listings.

If customization is required I would like to get some referrals and quotes on what it would take to get it done.

Well i had made for me a supercharged configurator, based on the one that is in Cs-Cart.

You can have a look here [url=“ - Οι ειδικοί στο φωτισμό και ηλεκτρολογικό υλικό”] - Οι ειδικοί στο φωτισμό και ηλεκτρολογικό υλικό, (it in greek, but you can get the idea.)

Only thing is that this thing is based on 2.1.4, and it surely going to need some modifications to work with 2.2.4 wich is you verrsion.

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Well i had made for me a supercharged configurator, based on the one that is in Cs-Cart.

You can have a look here [url=“ - Οι ειδικοί στο φωτισμό και ηλεκτρολογικό υλικό”] - Οι ειδικοί στο φωτισμό και ηλεκτρολογικό υλικό


I love this page. Can you share how you did it?

Well this is not simple as it took as about a month of work, and lots of core changes for that to work.

From the admin side it works like the normal configurator, but whats different its the customer side. The way that we present the product.

If you are interested in that pm me.

This is really just a modification the the PRODUCT COMBINATIONS set. Rather than outputting them as multiple Select Boxes / Check Boxes / Radio etc… Instead, they are displayed as a block - and having to update the product code after each selection is made to the product, I fear would cause too many issues and breaks.

It would be great if someone could get this working, but it would require an Add-on being created as making modifications to file upon file would be too messy.

I think it is a great idea! Allow customers to purchase 6 x Red + Four Legs Widgets + 2 x Black + Two Legs Widgets etc.

Rather than having to add to cart, add to cart, add to cart, add to cart etc.

Please keep this topic active as I would pay $$$ for an add-on like this!

Well well…, just what I need also. And willing to pay reasonable amount of money for this… We are going to to use 3.0 version so it should work in that version.

This really is a add-on which is a MUST for us.

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If you are interested in that pm me.


Great mod, filling a very wanted feature. Just a suggestion:

Release a full cs-cart package installation with the mod in so the customer doesn't have to do core changes.

cs-cart is open source, and I think it is allowed this kind of re-packaging. Of course with consent of CS-cart team.

I really need this modification for a current project, please let us if is possible for you to work on 2.2.4. version.


Hi colortone.

I know it is a very nice feature and most wanted if you concider the many problems that todays configurator has, but in that time I ordered it there was not enough badget for it to be made as an addon.

So now I am half way there, having most of the job done.

If there is people who want to constribute into making it as an addon for 224 then I will ask for a price from my programmer and will give it to all those in a very small price instead of selling it as a full mod.

So I think If there are people that will give about 40 euro as a contribution and not a price, thne we will need about 6 to 7 people in order to finish it. But I will be able to know better if I ask my programmer for sure.

If there is interest I am happy to make it happen.


Some images from the front end




Its all ajax, so its happening on the fly, you put your quantity and your option and the system recalculates the sum and the whole sum at the end of the list.

The product description is link to an overlay window for the product info as usual.




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Its all ajax, so its happening on the fly.


the ajax is a plus, but I don't mind if the calculations in real time is taken off. With the quantity input on the product configurator will be enough for me, and hopefully more easy to install as an addon.

quantity box in product configurator - sample 1

quantity box in product configurator - sample 2

Thanks for the time and work you put on developing addons.

I really need a mod like this and would contribute to the development of this add on. I'm using 2.2.4 but I also want to upgrade to 3.0 when it is released and stable.

Yes, that is true that type of features cost time and money (around 400 - 500$). I have similar thing but without drop down (options) field as I did not need it for my purposes. Was made for 2.2.4. without configurator, but with a lot of core customization. If you want it for 2.2.4 and afterwords for 3.0, most probably you will need to pay for this 2 times.