Can CSCart be made into an online catalogue?


I have just started looking at CS-Cart and would like to know if it is easy or not to hide the shopping cart functionality to make the system into an online catalogue. If you set the price to 0.00 then the system shows “contact us for a price” but it is still a shopping cart.

I have a customer who would like just to show a selection of products but not sell them online right now. I would be good to allow them to change their minds in the future and be able to “re-enable” the shopping cart functionality at some future date.

Is it a practical proposition or does it involve too much hacking?

Thanks, kr

yea you just need to edit all the tpl’s and remove the add to cart buttons and other references to the cart, when he is ready to start using the cart features you can just restore the files, should work just fine - Sno