Can CS Cart do this?

I have purchase 2 other store programs with promises that it can be done to find out latter it can’t. Still fighting for the refund :frowning:

Please visit, on the right there lots of options price changes as you change the options. can CS Cart do that???

I think you have 90 days money back with CS-Cart. Plus, you can use it for a while for free, full featured demo that acts as retail version totally…

I don’t think it can mimic 100% of those side features. I wouldn’t be surprised if that sidebar was a custom job for that website. Let’s just say it looks is very CUSTOM made. Wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t find the store engine that would do it without any modification what so ever. I think you need to find a cart that does similar as close as possible, then hire a developer who could connect the dots as you see fit. Or, find a cart that you like the most and then hire a developer to implement an add-on.