Can CS-Cart do this: New Release Products

At the present moment I don’t believe there is a “time-bomb” for products,

you can add the item to a secondary category to have it appear in different categories.

It would be wise to contact the CS-Cart helpdesk to enquire the costage for this mod to be built.

there is a Newest Products mod available for FREE download in the 3rd Party mods forum in which you can configure the settings as needed through the admin panel, this mod should suit the needs of most ecommerce sites…

Did you upgrade the Newest Products mod to support these features?

Last time I tried it out it didn’t do anything the thread starter is looking for. Because I need the same features as him.

currently you can but you need to create a new category called new products or new arrivals and any product you add to the cart will indicate it’s a new product and it will list/appear under your New Release/Arrival Products category though all this does is create more work for the store admin to eventually move or remove them. A modification could be made to have the newest products assigned to one category between a specified date range and then be automatically moved to another category upon expiry of the date range and to include newest products by date range…