Can anyone recommend a cs-cart developer?

I bought cs-cart multivendor version many months ago and my store still isnt open.

I had a developer who started great then he paused my project, then came back then cancelled my project. So because of this it was delayed months

so I've been waiting about 3 months or so to get this done.

I'm wondering if someone out there can recommend a Great developer who can finish up my list of stuff that I need to get done. I pay via paypal and always pay on time. but i really like to read references first.


You can try the guys at I have had them do a couple of my sites and very happy. You can check their work for me at site1 & site2 He has a member on here as well, cheap and does excellent work. [url=“”][/url]

There are many to choose from. Some, (like me) specialize more in the back-end on Administrative enhancements or B2B type of integrations. Others are more graphic designers who focus on the customer view and all the various jQuery effects, etc. Not knowing your requirements/needs would make it impossible for anyone to ante up to help you.

I suggest you develop a requirements document that lists the changes you want in priority order. I would separate them between customer view and the admin panel and then send that doc to various developers asking them to bid the different sections (or major tasks if identifiable) separately. You would then be in the best position to choose the cost-point and expertise that best fits what you want done.

Try to contact cs-cart custom development specialist. they are really good… you can reach them from and sign in.

submit a ticket, tell them what you want and they will help you.

good luck

Each company has its strengths and weaknesses. So far I would not suggest one company for all your needs. sbirnseth describes it well. A designer is rarely a programmer or an administrator.