Can Anyone Help With Importing Vendors From Other Platforms?

Hey all,

Not sure if this is the right forum for this, or if the question is even allowed here, so admin please delete if necessary.

Spyre Digital has acquired a failed marketplace and we're looking for someone to help import vendor product data to CS-Cart MV.

We have 9 vendors with data waiting to be imported. There's a further 30 vendors to be imported after the website goes live (3-4 weeks), and then a remaining 80 vendors in the CRM whom we need to convert individually. Platforms vary between Bigcommerce, SiteSuite, Wordpress, and just CSV.

So ultimately I'm looking for someone with CS-Cart data management and spreadsheet skill. Keeping in mind that many of the vendors have product variants that need to be imported as Option Combinations. The average quantity of products between each vendor is about 300. We're looking for a fixed fee import of about AUD$30 - $50.

If you're interested and can demonstrate your competency, please contact me via email -


From my point of view, the provided fee is too low. If you do not find a solution, feel free to contact us to get a quote for this work