Can A Product Have Different Names on The Category and Product Pages?

Hi All,

Is there a way for CS-Cart to have a product have one name on the categoy page but a different one on the product page?

For example this page, Wedgwood Palatia has multiple products in the same category. I don't want to keep on writing the brand words “Wedgwood Palatia” by every product on this page (the category page) because it negatively affects my Google rankings. So the first product should say “5 Piece Place Setting” instead of “Wedgwood Palatia 5 Piece Place Setting”.

However when the product is clicked and the product page is opened, I DO want the full name to show up to tell people exactly what it is. “Wedgwood Palatia 5 Piece Place Setting”.

Is this split possible?

Sounds like my brand add-on is something for you: [url=“”][/url]