Can't send supplier email using offline payment

I am new to CS Cart. I have been working for a couple of days to configure it. So far, I am very impressed. It's so much better than X Cart. Not even close.

I am setting up emails. In the processed state I am sending the email to the supplier. When using on online payment process it will work as expected. The supplier will get the email automatically.

However, when using a offline payment method (i.e. a PO) things get interesting because the order will not move into the processed state automatically. When I move it manually, I get the 2 check boxes to “notify customer” and “notify orders”. As I understand it, these 2 boxes override the configured email settings.

Because there is no option to “notify suppliers” there is no way to send the email to the suppliers in this case. What am I missing? Is this just a missing use case? I guess the worse case is that I need to forward emails to the suppliers for these cases. But it would be nice to have them work automatically.

Or do I misunderstand something?

CS Cart is officially smarter than I am. As it turns out, it will add a checkbox for 'add supplier' if the order contains products which are destined for a supplier. So I can use the checkboxes to send the email to the supplier at any time.

Of course how these checkboxes work is still questionable. There should be a radio button for “use default” and one for “override selections”. If you choose “use default” it should use the settings inside of order status. If you select “override selections” you can then follow the check boxes. It would be much easier so I don't have to remember who get each email when I process the state manually.