Can't Receive Email

Hi guys

i want to ask about email at form builder page

for now, i have 2 form that will send me an email (one is contact us and one is for payment confirm), but 1 of them (payment confirm) is not work

which make i only receive email from my "contact us" page

i've already search on forum, but i only found topics that said its bug on version 2.x and i use version 4.0

so my question is there any setting to limit how many form builder that can send email or not? and if nothing that limit it, how to fix this?


There is not such a bug in the standard CS-Cart installation. Please make sure that correct e-mail address is specified in the E-mail to input field in the Form builder on the editing page of your form. Also please check the Spam folder in your inbox. If the issue is still there, please contact us via Help Desk so that we can examine it in more detail.

ok i'll try it first, thanks :)

You are welcome.