Can't Process Any Payments


I have moved to a new server (my hosting provider copied everything from the old to new server) and now we cannot process any card or PayPal payments.

It appears that any "online" payment won't work, but offline payments (such as cheque or cash) do work

Any ideas please?

Could it be to do with file permissions?

I have also noticed customers get Sorry, the anti-bot validation has failed. Please try again. when they try to log into the website. This doesn't happen when I disable Google reCAPTCHA

Did you change domain as well?

Did you change domain as well?

No the domain name is still the same but the IP address of the server has changed We also had to update the version of cPanel

I've also now noticed that if I try to download a PDF invoice or dispatch note, it just shows a white blank screen and doesn't do anything.

At first try to delete the var/cache directory manually

The webserver engineers found the issue, the resolv.conf file was empty

Thank you for keeping us updated