Can't login to Admin panel

I've just installed V4.0.1. I opted to install the Demo store as this is my first time using this cart. When I try to login to the Admin panel, no matter what I try, it takes me to the demo store. I want to setup the real store but can't seem to access the admin area. Anyone have any ideas what I must have done wrong? I'm typing in this type of url:

https://www.mydomain…ename/admin.php takes me to the demo store;

I've also tried: [url=“”][/url]

this also goes to the demo store

What am I missing??


I've not gotten any help with this, would really apprecaite some help. I'm I missing the whole concept? As in it is designed to go to the demo store and after taking a look around, you start changing these pages to be your store? Sorry but that doesn't make much sense to me. Why would you have to delete all that info so you can start putting in the real store? Would someone please tell me what I must be doing wrong? Do you need further details to be able to help?


Did you install your store into a sub folder? or just the root?

Not sure I clearly understand the problem… When you first login you should be in “all stores” mode.

Are you saying that selecting one of the stores is not working? Might try something like

.php?company_id=1 (or 2 or whatever your store ids are)