Can't Log In To Admin

I downloaded & installed the upgraded version of CS-Cart into it's own directory in my store site awhile ago, tiddled around & forgot about it because we moved, etc. I just went to log in again to resume & it wont accept my login now. I checked the config_local.php file & I am entering the correct login credentials. I don't get it??? I was logged in before. Any ideas?

Also do I need to delete the config_local.php file from my server once it's installed? Can people access the password info?

Thanks in advance.



It sounds like you might need to reset your username/password. Have you tried that yet?

Also, don't delete your config.local.php file. If you do that, your site won't be able to connect to your database. That file doesn't have the information that you need to login to you admin. It only has the information that allows the site to connect to your database.

No, people can't access your config.local.php file.

I hope that helps a little bit.


And the only credentials that are in that file are for database access. There are no credentials for an admin user in config.local.php

Ok thanks for the responses… now for the dumb question… :rolleyes: how do I reset?

Click the “forgot password” link in the lower right of the Admin login box.