Can't Get Ups International Shipping To Work

I can't get UPS International shipping to work (customer gets error that we don't ship to their location), so I canted UPS support and they are asking for the following, which is WAAAYYY over my head!

[quote]To further assist you, please reply to this email with the following information:

  1. Your complete XML request and response files associated with the error. If you are using Web Services, be sure to include the SOAP envelope and the SOAP security header.

    You will need to debug your application to obtain the XML/Soap Envelope request and response files. Regrettably, due to the many possible programming languages and environments, we do not support client code directly and are unable to provide you with instructions on how to complete this process for your programming environment. You may want to consult the internet community on how to capture these files from within your programming environment.

    Note: Please place the request and reply into a single ZIP file and add this ZIP file as an attachment to your reply. Simply copying the code into an email makes it unusable for troubleshooting.

  2. URL address you are posting the request file to[/quote]

    Can someone help me troubleshoot my configurations and if not, tell me how/where to find what UPS is asking for? I've attached screenshots of my current set-up.




Update: I changed my shipping method to UPS Other: Saver and it works.