Can't get Buy Together to Work


I have 2.2.4 Pro. I set up Buy Together for one product. Everything looks set up correctly and the combination is active.

When I add the product to the cart, I don't see anything. What is suppose to happen?

Both the main product and the product associated with it are discounted via promotions. The Buy together does not add any discount. Just want the two products associated without any price changes.

The product associated with the main product also needs to be associated with 240 other products. If I ever get the buy together to work, is it possible to make the same combination with all 240 products at one time instead of creating 240 individual combinations. Does not look like there is a bulk edit for Buy Together addon.

What can interfere with the Buy Together function that would make it not work?

I did clear the caches using &cc and also manually deleted the compiled files and cache.