Can't Edit Theme After Upgrade To 4.2.2

Just upgraded from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2 and lost my theme changes in the facebook responsive theme. The extra css is still there when I try editing the theme but the extra css is not being applied to the theme like it was in 4.2.1.

I tried to edit it and now it want's me to save it as a new theme which I do but the changes are still not applied even after I select the new theme as the default one.

As usual with CS-Cart [attachment=8363:036_faint.gif]



Every single time they stuff things up and I am pulling my hair out trying to fix the bugs that are caused by trying to fix other bugs

here is an example of what I mean with my opening post of the theme stuff up by cs-cart v4.2.2


The extra css of removing the padding at the top is in there, it is in the facebook theme file and I have deleted all the var/cache and the gap is still showing. With 4.2.1 it was gone with that extra css

AND as usual I bet if I ask them for help they will send the standard reply of PAY US first to fix our stuff up

I have been with cs-cart from their very beginning and it is like this every single bloody time…no wonder the Russians kill innocent people blowing them out of the sky because of their f'n stuff ups just like their software

I am so BLOODY frustrated with cs-cart


I'm there with you. I did not upgrade to 4.2.2 yet. I'm still trying to figure out the broken links that seems to have happened when I upgrade to 4.2.1.

[quote]no wonder the Russians…[/quote]

Is kinda inappropriate for a software community forum. I doubt cs-cart developers have anything to do with international politics or policy.

Can you name one single release that hasn't caused grief to their customers…oh wait a minute, you make money from cs-cart

It is the culture…stuff up and blame someone else just like stuff up their software and find a way to blame you so they can charge you money…these forums are full of these examples which is why cs-cart is becoming less and less used…a couple of sites I know have moved away from cs-cart so I wonder how many others that I don't know of.

I have invested many years, a lot of time and a lot of money in getting them to develop addons etc, they are going to charge me for fixing their widget that doesn't work properly and now no doubt they will charge to fix this stuff up as well while trying to blame me…well the screen shot says it all

If potential cs-cart customers are reading this, it is what you are in for…a very very pi$$ed off customer every single time they try to fix their bugs

Understand your frustration. I go through it all the time. I go through it both as a merchant and as a developer.

But my point was that making a statement like that is only going to get you banned from the forum. Your comment is out of context and has nothing to do with your complaint, is highly political and really doesn't belong in a software community forum (IMHO).

Yes, there are cultural differences. I often get taken aback when a support person responds with “Please pay attention” when I think they mean “You missed my point”. The grammar and communication has improved dramatically over the years, but still has a long way to go.

I (and I usually advise my clients) NOT to upgrade to any new major release until at least the 4th release (used to be the 6th) if they want anything near production quality. I.e. V4.2.4 It's fine to run a test site on the latest and greatest, but you better have a pretty compelling reason to upgrade a production site to the first release of a new a major version or you're just plain foolish. And this advice applies to ANY software, not just cs-cart. You can only test so much in-house. The rest has to be tested by the variety of customer configurations. It's just the nature of the beast.

I just use Firebug to find these formatting tweaks and change them. It's not uncommon for a CSS class to change from one release to the next, and I have no expectation that they will remain the same between major releases.

I found that header spacing you want to change in about 1 minute with Firebug. It's the padding for the .header-grid class.

Firebug tells me that it is the tygh-header class however I tried your header-grid, deleted all the var/cache files but that didn't work:



Incidentally, my current store at using v4.2.1 uses the tygh-header and that works although ever since I upgraded to v4.2.1 when a customer selects an option for a product, it doesn't carry through to their cart at checkout and that was using the standard cs-cart upgrade function to my previous version that didn't have this problem.

I have set up a clean install of v4.2.1 on my local PC and that doesn't have the problem of the adding a product option to the cart and also has the logo to padding removed so the previous upgrade again stuffed up my site causing me to spend that last week of my time painstakingly adding every product back in to a clean install manually one at a time on my local PC. After a weeks work I am nearly finished when v4.2.2 was released and using the standard cs-cart upgrade feature again it is stuffed up

Here's another one.

Install a standard cs-cart without demo data and turn both the “Image Zoom” and “HiDPI displays support” addons on. Add a product into the store with say an 800x800 product image. The Image Zoom doesn't work…never has. As mentioned before, the widget works perfectly on my forum site except for users of later versions of apple phones and iPads…cs-cart's reply to that was “it works for us so pay us some money and we will fix it”…why would it work perfectly for every single PC and mobile device except for the latest versions of Apple unless there was something wrong inside the actual widget itself

Here is another one

Why on earth is the price underneath the list price on one product when the clearly is room to have it on the same line just like the other product:


I can just go on and on and on with the bugs in cs-cart that they want me to pay them to fix


i'm surprised not one of the support members of cs cart responds back to these threads like once in a bluemoon…

Exactly…and here is another example of poor programming:



It's a community forum. If you want cs-cart support, you open a support ticket at

And here is another one:


They just keep on coming

Now, a person has to spend days and days and days fixing up ALL the bugs with CS-Cart that when it comes time to update to a new version their site is destroyed by all the bug fixes that the update stuffs up only to bring more bugs from an update to add to the list of previous bugs…completely destroying any faith a person or potential customer has with using CS-Cart.

They REALLY need to wake up to themselves and be either software developers or software hashes extorting money from you for their own pockets whilst destroying your sanity.

Do yourself a favor CS-Cart…get your hands on a copy of Xenforo and have a real good look at how they have done things…if you were to start from scratch and do what they have done you will potentially not only have a huge number of satisfied customers but a huge Addon developer interest and new customers flocking to get CS-Cart because it is so EASY to use.

I have been using Xenforo since its inception and it is the most remarkably developed piece of software I have seen in 34 years of IT


And they all still keep coming, examples of very poor programming that causes us to to spend weeks of work fixing all the bugs which ends up making CS-Cart unable to be updated without an extreme further amount of work and extreme risk of causing issues so CS-Cart can hold their hand out and charge you to fix THEIR bugs



[quote name='ibaker' timestamp='1411104033' post='192499']

And they all still keep coming, examples of very poor programming that causes us to to spend weeks of work fixing all the bugs which ends up making CS-Cart unable to be updated without an extreme further amount of work and extreme risk of causing issues so CS-Cart can hold their hand out and charge you to fix THEIR bugs



Hi, this is really frustrating, but in some way i can understand that, because Responsive theme is only from ver 4.1.1 and it still a pretty new and bugged, i belive in new version Responsive theme get updated.

You also can use some older themes, in our store we use our customized theme based on Basic theme ver 4.0.3, and it still works perfectly in CS-Cart 4.2.2

And also, u say that all your changes you made on theme with version 4.2.1 dissapeared after updating to version 4.2.2?

So why not just restore template from Repository, did you make all changes to theme in Repository(var/themes_repository/THEME), not in /design/themes/THEME ?

All custom modifications to theme are extremely recommended to save in Repository and backup your Repository theme locally on your computer, so after update, when repository and design folders also get automatically updated, you can just push your local copy to server, and restore theme from Repository, and all will work like before.

You can't just copy the template across because you don't know what changes they have made as well unless you do a compare on each file and go through them line by line, see what changes they have made, see what changes you have done previously, see which of your changes may have been fixed already and see what other issues will rise from the changes you need to make

If you have template changes, use the hooks provided by the system. They will transcend upgrades for the most part. If you modify distributed files, then you need to compare those files after you've upgraded (the upgrade center provides tools to do so) and merge in your customizations to the newer version.

You shouldn't be doing upgrades on a live site. Instead, you should have a cloned site to work with and once you have things correct, you can do the upgrade on your production site and then just copy over the files from your cloned site.

If you want to simply stick with what you have, then why did you upgrade? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.