Can't create database ... can't install MULTISHOP (beta)

hi there. i do get the error


Can't create database. Please check user permissions or create it manually.

after checking password, databasename and so on i installed the sql files manually as the errorcode says. but now i cant skip this step and totally stock here:

Installation steps

License agreement

Checking requirements

[color=#ff0000]Host and database settings[/color]

Installing database

Outlook settings

Installing skins


need your help please.


WOHO… i guess this problem will occure on many other systems.

fix: change your password to NON SPECIAL chars like “03039382” … i used a password containing “<” and “!” and thisone did not work. infact it worked with phpmyadmin but not with your installation process!

you might fix that or give the user a chance to get a correct error responding like “password contains special chars” or whatever.

You should report this through the bug tracker.