Can't change grid width in V3.0.2 in Block Manager

I'm in the process to upgrade from V2.24 to V3.02, and have just succesfully imported database following the guide here http://blog.cs-cart…-import-add-on/. The first thing I have played with is the new 960 grid system and I was stuck on changing the width of a grid - I just can't change it. The popup windows says the change has been saved but actually it's not - the grid remains the same width and the layout is not changed at all. Any help would be appreciated.

Update: Besides to the issue in original post, I found more things that I can't do in the block manager -I couldn't insert a new block. Every time the popped up window says the option is successful but it's not acutally. However, I can disable an existing block.

Tried doing in Firefox? Had some issues with blocks and grids that did not work in IE but worked in Firefox

Thanks Zeero6, you're right that this issue is somewhat related to the browser used. Just tried in Firefox and Chrome, both work but not IE.