Can't add banner images to carousel

Hi, in Blocks > Home Page I have a Main Banners block set to carousel & manually to add images, but when I click on settings to add images, there are no options. See screenshot.


Hello Brennie369!

It looks like you have not added any banners yet. Please go to Website → Banners and add necessary banners. After that your added banners should appear in the block to choose from.

Best regards, Alt-team

I love it when it's an easy fix! Thank you!

I spoke too soon.

I've added my images to Website > Banners then added the block for the banners on my Home Page. They don't show up. There's an empty space where it should be but nothing shows.

My settings for the Main Banners block are Carousel template; then Newest for content. I also tried Manually for the content & added them but it gives the same result.

I hate to ask, but are the banners Active?

No worries - it's often the simplest overlooked thing, but yes they are already active.