Can't Add A New Category, Goes To Store Closed

When i login as admin and add a new category, it will not let me. When i hit the save button it takes me directly to "store closed".

Please help!

I should add that the store is open and functioning, and everything else i've tried to do as admin is also working ok so far.

Do a "view source" on the store closed page and it will reveal the error at the bottom of the page. The error is probably also in your php error_log file.

Thank you. I did that and here is the result, although i'm not sure what it means or why it's happening?

Sounds like table corruption. I.e. the insert_id within the table (which is automatically used and incremented) has been set to zero or the table needs repair or optimization. The table in question is cscart_categories.

Please make sure that the category_id column has the auto_incerement property in the cscart_categories table

What would you recommend that I do?

Go into phpMyAdmin and verify that the auto_increment setting is correct (per ecom's suggestion).

Check that the table does NOT need repair.

Ask yourself why table settings would be changed (it wasn't the cart software).

PM me temporary access to phpMyAdmin and we will check it

What would you recommend that I do?