Can't access the forum using FF on my laptop

OK, I can't figure this out.

For some reason I can't load this forum from my laptop using FF. For some reason, it just keeps loading and nothing gets loaded. I can wait 10 minutes and it still just keeps loading.

The forum is the only site that I seem to have a problem with.

If I use IE or Chrome, the forum works perfectly.

Any ideas?

Yes, I've cleared my history/cache.



Have you tried:

Start > Run > cmd

Command: ipconfig /flushdns

I get more problems with Firefox screwing up DNS lookups than anything else, 99% of the time this fixes things with Firefox when I can’t get a page to load, even if Chrome/IE load the same site OK.

BTW. I’m using Firefox on my laptop to post this :P

I didn't try that, but I just did and I still can't seem to pull it up.

It is really weird. I'll have to see what I can find on Google about it.

Oh, and thanks for rubbing salt into the wound.


Have you tweaked FF any? If so, start untweaking. If not, I would say uninstall and reinstall FF (You will need to delete any leftover files after uninstalling so configs are not used again). I had no problems with the forum on my laptop (XP Pro & latest FF) when I was in Hawaii.

This problem happened once with me when i installed Bitdefender Internet Security, their firewall not let me to access some sites… make sure your firewall not getting problem… try to disable and than see what happened.