Can't access ADMIN after closing store

Hi Guys

Not shure if this is the rightt place to ask this but believe issue can happen with any version.

I have version 1.3.5 sp4

2 days ago I closed store to ttake 2 days off.

Today I tried to access the ADMIN section and getting the screen attached.

WHen I access the CUSTOMER store using:

I do have access and everything seems fine.

When I go to:

I get the STORE CLOSED screen.

This issue starting with out any apparent reason since I haven't touch anything in the server or database.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance!

Here goes the image


Try going into your phpMyAdmin and truncate (empty) your cscart_sessions table

Beyond that, I'm not sure. You might also try manually clearing your cache/compiled files.

I hope that helps,


thanks Brandon

you were right on the money!

I truncated cscart_sessions table and problem magically solved



Sweet, I'm glad it worked for you.