Calling Unique HTML blocks in TPL

Anyone ever try to call a block or block group directly in a tpl?

For example:

{block group=“central”}

I’m looking to call a Unique HTML block in the template.

Anyone ever done this?

So what happens when you do that? That is how blocks are assigned to page sections in main.tpl

Why not just call it via an {include} tag?

How would you call a unique html block via include?

{include file=“blocks/”}

I’m guessing but if it’s a template then it can be called if you know the location. You might have to ensure you have filled whatever variables are needed in the block from the PHP code. I.e. if it uses products, you 'll have to get the product data.

Sorry for the confusion, I dont mean that type of block

I mean in the Blocks admin, create a new “Unique HTML block” that you can apply to products/categories.

This is all applied in the blocks backend, but I want to take certain blocks from backend and apply to a TPL.

If that makes sense.

No clue. The Block code has its own logic so you’re asking to penetrate that logic and extract the related (or created) tpl files to be used outside that logic. I think that will be problematic.