Call to Order, but with price:

Is there a way to force the call-to-order without setting the price to zero?

Here is an option.

Change “Contact us for price” in the languages setting to “Call to order”. Change your price to $0 along with having the product "do not allow to add to cart for “Zero price action”.

Then add a simple option as a check box that has the price you want listed.

The price will show up right next to the image so it is easy to see the price. There will be a check box next to the price but must customers won’t even notice since they won’t be able to add the item to the cart.

This is the easiest way I can think of to display the price in a somewhat proper place on the page but not allowing them to add the item to the cart.

One way to do it is edit all the files in your:


Basically where there is a:

[cdoe]{assign var=“add_to_cart” value=“add_to_cart_$obj_id”}

{$smarty.capture.$add_to_cart} ```

You would replace it with something like:


Of course you would also assign a language variable. In this case I did:

call_order => Please call in your order

While it isn’t perfect by any means and the css should be adjusted you can see a demo at:


I hope that helps. You will probably just need to play around with it to make it look right.


Thanks! I will give these a try. I might have to use the first option as I only need this on a few products.

Well there is a better way of doing this. You can see it at:


I hope it helps,