Call It Free Not $0.00

Searched for the forum and can't find an answer. BUT instead of saying something is $0.00, how can I just label it as FREE? It sounds better too. :)

You can use a template override to change how a price is displayed by using the "products:prices_block" hook.

I.e. addons/my_changes/hooks/products/prices_block.override.tpl

with content similar to:

{* don't add anything outside of the if condition *}
{if $product.price|floatval <= 0.00 }
{* Add your custom block code here *}

{* otherwise, standard prices_block code will be used if there’s no output from this file*}

You can see the original code in design/themes/[your theme]/templates/common/product_data.tpl. I.e. for how to handle settings like zero price action and hide add to cart settings.

As alternative you can override the following template


It is used to display all prices in the store