Call Center Orders

We’re getting ready to switch from a custom cart to CS-Cart. We have numerous customers using our call center to order by phone. Many of these customers don’t have an email address. What’s the best strategy to allow the call center to place orders for these customers in CS-Cart? BTW, I’m requiring a unique registration for customers paying by CC.

we do this all the time, we just use our own sales email address and process the order as normally…

I guess I can’t require a unique email for each customer then? Do you use a username or email address as the login?

I have created an account for the call center and logged into the admin as that user. When I create an order, the customer information page requires an email address. I enter my own email address, and the store rejects it saying it’s already in use? What I’m I doing wrong?

We do a lot of phone orders and normally use our customer service email. Since we allow customers to “check out as guest” it allows us to use the same email address over and over again, but the customers cannot log in to our site to “view the status” of their order.

While we are placing the phone order we also ask the customer if they want an “email confirmation.” If they do we then put in their email address. This will send the customer the confirmation emails and shipping emails, but it still will not allow them to “log in” to view their account. Basically any order we place with the “create order” button it checks out the customer as a “guest.”

We too switched off another software program and love this aspect of CS. It is very easy for our employees to be able to quickly place an order for customers.