Call Back Instead Of Purchase/pay For On Site

Hi guys

Is there anyway of making certain products non purchasable?

I want the customer to be able to see and add the product to their cart - and then request a call back from the office to finalise before taking payment.

Can we do this with CS-Cart?

This would only be certain categories, not every item on the site

Im sure I seen an addon that can do this a while back.

But a quick work round would be to change the price to zero then alter the language varaible for zero price action to "contact us for price"


I want the customer to know how much the item is before they get a call though. These are going to be quite complicated variable products - and the customer needs to be called before payment to run through delivery/access/terms and conditions etc. These are sheds that are installed at the customers home

Any ideas?

Cs-Cart is pretty dead now huh?

You would need to develop an addon that would:

1) Set a flag for a product that it's not to be charged in an order nor included in any shipping.

2) Modify backend order processing to detect those products and provide a means to remove the flag and re-process (update) the order after you manually communicate with the client.

3) And probably a ton of details to support the condition in #1 above based on the full set of your requirements.

Not sure, but you could experiment with having those products in a separate storefront and somehow utilizing settings in that storefront to not charge for those products. After you contact the client, the order would be edited to enable the cost of those items and you could then request the client to complete payment (or if you're using our Squarepay addon), you could charge their card the additional amount.

Not sure what your 2nd comment about cs-cart being dead is about?

creat a payment method of "telephone" payment and use this addon