calendaring/document management solution

Hello All,

We are currently looking for a document management/calendaring system for our business and would really like to find something as cool as CS-CART to fill the void…does anyone know of anything out there that might fit that need? We would like it to be web based if possible…thanks!!!



Travis can you be more specific on what you need this mod to do and then I can see if it’s possible to mod for CS but right now your best bet would be an outside program which you could find on

snorocket, we have the calendaring piece all worked out…we are looking for a web-based eroom/documentum solution like CS-CART (php…web, etc) which will allow us to centrally deposit documents which users can access via the web (Word docs, excel, etc.). I have seen Knowledge Tree but it is a bit buggy…looking for something a bit more robust. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated (we looked around hot scripts but nothing really looks too good).




also built with Smarty for templates