Calculator Shipping Cost Pop Up Link

We’re currently trying to work out a way to get a “Estimate Shipping Quote” link above our Cart icon to link to the Cart page and display the “Estimate Shipping Cost” pop up, as we’re having way too many people calling in asking about quotes when the functionality is already there, they’re just missing it.

If you check out you’ll see I’ve modified the cart_content.tpl file to display a link to a “getting a quote” page when the cart is empty, and a different link to the cart page when there is something in the cart (add any item and give it a try yourself!). That part is working.

Now, the problem is triggering the pop up/over window that lets you estimate shipping. I can trigger it by setting the link above the cart to /cart#opener_shipping_estimation_block, but there’s some bugs with this:

  1. Doesn’t seem to work every time
  2. Isn’t cross browser friendly
  3. If you close that pop up, and click that link again (without leaving the cart page) it does nothing
  4. It jumps the browser window to the bottom of the page

    Any solutions to accomplish this without all the issues we’re experiencing? Any help would be a huge help!

Solved the issue - it was a twofold fix and really isn’t 100% semantically correct, but for now it works :)

If anybody is interested in seeing how it functions its fantastic, Ill ask dion to post what he did here because im sure somebody else would be interested in this.


Try clicking the button before and after you add something to the cart, cut down our calls for quote requests by almost 100%

That's a great idea, can you share how you did it ?

I wanne it I wanne it ! :mrgreen:

Can you let us know how you did it? :mrgreen: