Calculating Commission After Discounts Are Applied

Note that this has nothing to do with affiliates, so please don't refer me to something affiliate related just to get commission functionality... unless it is the only or best way to get it. I really don't want affiliate features mucking up or confusing the admin interface.

I want to calculate commission based on sales after discounts have been applied. Here is my problem.

I did a few test orders with both cart and catalog based promotions. I thought I could simply take subtotal - discount from cscart_orders and get the net amount to calculate the commission from. Works in some cases but not all. When I use a promotion where I used a coupon code giving 50% off a specific product, the subtotal already has the 50% marked off, but discount still reflects the 50%, so if I do subtotal - discount, I am doubling up on the discount. :-(

Am I missing something simple? Is there a way to calculate the net amount, post discount, without knowing all of cs-cart's discount rules and processing something like extra in cscart_order_details?


Unfortunately, code modification is required. You do should modify a code after all promotions are applied in the fn_calculate_cart_content function

I agree with colleague. Custom modification is required here. Feel free to contact us if you are interested

Could this have something to do with the everlasting problem described here, and ignored by cs-cart?

For manage rewards point , you need to go for code modification . please contact here .