Caching related products - could affect many people

I just discovered a critical caching bug in 2.1.2 that can cause significant cart issues.

If you have a manually filled product block used on a product for purposes of “related products”, then when you go to the first product with related products, it will cache that, and then it will show that cache for all other products. So it shows the first products related products as the related products for every other product for everyone who goes to the site until you refresh your cache.

It is caching once for a block, rather than for each product. This most likely is true for any type of block that is manually filled! So the block system is killed by the new caching.

This happens in dev or live mode.


The related products issue is on the bug tracker with a fix. I didn’t fully read the fix since I am not running the 2.1.x line, but I believe this will fix the cache/block issue.


Awesome, thanks, that did fix it :smiley: