Cache Rebuild Problem

Dear Cs-cart Community,

Our website gets huge traffic and has grown to the enterprise level. We recently upgraded our cs-cart version as well to 4.9.3

The issue that has become a pain for us is the cache rebuild thing in cs-cart architecture.

Every day we have some major changes that are developed by our in-house developers, to make these changes live,

1. we are forced to close the store-front

2. then rebuild the cache by accessing the site with private key

3. then opening the storefront to customers

this has been the case till now and we cannot continue in this way anymore because closing the site for even 1 second affects our sales and company's growth.

I have written to cs-cart team as well and waiting for their repsonse, however I would like to know if any of other members has face such issue and how they covered up this loophole?

Your feedback and solution will be highly appreciated.

Fastest and cheapest solution for hot deploy will be:

You need to copy (deploy) fresh code to another directory - for example /var/www/new_release. Current release can be named for example as /var/www/release. Create simlink /var/www/ and link to current release. This directory should be used in NGINX settings.

Create new host in nginx - and use this host for cache rebuilding (and use /var/www/new_release directory).
When cache will be created, you should change simlink to your production directory.

This operation can be automated by or any other similar software.