Cache increasing rapidly

I have looked through CS-Cart and found a few posts on the cache increasing rapidly in the server. I also got a solution for setting up a cron job to remove the overloaded cache. I will do precisely that. My question is, how is cache building so rapidly? Because mine was around 80GB. I did import products but I don’t think it should increase that much. Granted I didn’t clear the cache and imported the products a few times, so that may have been the reason. But does CS-Cart’s cache increase that rapidly?

I mean the products were around 21k and 25k, and a lot of them were updated, but still, would the cache amount to that much without clearing the cache?

Also, I have a question on “Rebuild Cache Automatically”. It is said to disable it in production to limit real-time rebuilding. I don’t understand it completely.


Please contact us via the Help Desk so that we can examine the cache in your installation and check its space allocation.

As for Rebuild Cache Automatically, with this option enabled, CS-Cart will no longer use the cache for blocks, templates, compiled styles and compiled JS, so instead of using the cached version of these, your store will have to recreate them each time, using additional server resources.