Cache - Database issue

its so strange and annoying that 3-4 years we were just consentrated on a speed issue and cscart never did anything about it, instead brought new versions with little more makeup.

to keep your cscart fast enough, you need to clear the cache ( instead of speeding it up it surely slows it down the website if you dont clear it) and optimise the database nearly 10-20 times a day.

once you clear your cache and optimise your database, surely your website runs like crazy fast, but after 10 min… database size goes up 5-10mb more and if you wait 2 days then you are surely in a black hole, that your site takes 10 min to open.(maybe not 10 min but 20 sec for sure)

we have done all the sprites, js combinations, minify css, but still we have to clear and optimise the database.

on one of our site that we run open cart, we have deleted the cache folder and it runs faster never gets stuck anymore, can anyone give us the direction how to solve this stupid cscart issue? That we can concentrate on sales other than a speed.

Oh please cscart dont tell me, this achivement can be done with a special support ticket from cscart support, when it didnt even exist at the first place.

Have you disabled the Statistics Add on? That will give you a 2 second per page faster load time. You can always use Google Analytics to see who's online, and the metrics of your visitors.

You could also try using lossless compression on your images;

we disabled it but it is still the same. when we clean everything site opens in 1-2 seconds top, after cache folder fills up then the problem starts. So we are sure its a cache related problem. anyone here that never clears the cache folder or does not run a database optimization??

I never clear the cache folder, and rarely optimise the db. Perhaps the server harddrives are too slow?

Like Scott, I rarely if ever optimize the database (usually just before an export) and pretty much the only time I clear the cache is when I've modified a template. Who is your hosting provider?

Here's your answer…choose whichever applies: WiredTree.

ourserver is wiredtree dedicated server. but dont understand the problem, why it runs faster after the cache delete and database optimize.? can you guys please run the site speed ( pingdom or whatever) on your site and tell me me speed difference? with and without the clearing cache and optimized database. i really appreciate.


The problem is that the file I/O of your server is overloaded and will not service mySQL and the cache fast enough to support the software. Note that even VPS systems share the underlying disk I/O of the server and end up timesharing that subsystem (like the network interface).