cache backend

we used to have memcache enabled on cscart but now looks like its no longer available and replaced with redis which needs a heavy customization on the server. How can we change to the memcache again on the cscart side? (config.local file)

Assume you are referring to “shmem” (shared memory).

Since sometime in V3, the 'file' caching has been improved considerably. You might want to use it and see if you need to change to something else. Data is much better distributed among directories rather than everything being in one large file. With a good I/O subsystem on your server, you shouldn't have any issues and I think you'll find that most of the file data is cached in the file buffers anyway.

No not shared memory. In the config.local.php file there is a section to change the cache type. And there used to be a memcache… now it is not there and replaced with redis type cache.

here it is:

<br />
// Cache backend<br />
// Available backends: file, sqlite, database, redis<br />
// To use sqlite cache the "sqlite3" PHP module should be installed<br />
$config['cache_backend'] = 'sqlite';<br />
$config['cache_redis_server'] = 'localhost';<br />

```<br />
<br />
<br />
redis is the new one. It is much faster than any others but looks like it is more complicated to configure.<br />
<br />
So we rather like to use the old memory cache (shmem) yes you were right about the shmem, sorry.<img src="upload://rA9Qa8gnUPZzRZRdI8kt3dpjkrs.png" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=":)"><br />
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how can we use it now?

Shmem was deprecated.

I “believe” the “cache_redis_server” is related to when CDN is active and it specifies what server the master (or maybe only) cache resides on. In this case, the local server.

My guess is that when they deploy in a SaaS environment that this will change to reflect the server the instance of cs-cart resides on. But that's only a guess. I believe 'redis' is short for 're distribution'.

I would suggest using 'file' since it is:

  1. stable
  2. now performs reasonably well
  3. is easier to debug if problems occur

Has anyone found out whether Redis can be used or not?