By Default The In Stock Variation Should Be Selected Instead Of Out Of Stock

IN CS-CART 4.3 when there is are variations in a product. When any customer opens the product the automatic selection is of out of stock variation where as I want the product which are in stock should be automatically selected so the customers see the BUY NOW Button. How can this be done.

Any help??

You can try changing the order of the option variants so the instock variant is first in the list. This is the default variant and is used on "first view" of the product.

It would be nice if cs-cart would do the work for you. I.e. review product option combinations and find the first one that is instock to use as the default option combination.

Please try the following 3rd party module:

Anythinng else that can be done?

can't we achieve this with simple modification? any help will be appreciated.

In theory yes, you should be able to do something. How simple or how performant is an unknown.

Can you provide a link to an example of what you're trying to fix?

Any help??

Hey cool999.

I just posted this tip: