buySAFE guaranteed integration


It is a most useful seal for us.

Thank you.

Hello Wayne,

This is the first time I hear of BuySafe.

How much do you pay each month?

Ok, I found it:

[url]Businesses - Eliminate Uncertainty in Business - BuySafe

Custom integration is not for me…

[QUOTE]Custom integration available for merchants with $500K+ sales/month[/QUOTE]

Lee Li Pop


“BuySafe guaranteed” addon is almost ready for sale from our company. The price is $29. We are looking for the first customer to test this addon on a live server. We can't do it ourselves because we don't have a buySafe hash.

We give 50% discount for the first customer of this addon and we'll fix all problems for free if any bugs occur after the add-on installation.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase this addon.

Best regards, Alt-team

Is the addon available?

Currently we are using the cs-cart version 3.06 and it contains the buy-safe add-on and the code was implemented related to this add-on. If we upgrade it to latest cs-cart version, do we need to implement the same changes as we done for 3.06 or any other things that we need to do?