Buying In Help - Advice sought

I have a basic 135sp4 working and ticking over with a few sales. For a number of reasons it has gone on to tick over but I am starting to wonder if I should re look at it.

I had some help to help initially set it up - used the forum to help develop it - and kindly even had help from a forum member who upgraded it from sp? to sp4. (Thanks I still owe you)

I really enjoyed doing the technical side and felt I was making good progress on learning etc. I also thought it was important to have those skills in house so that changes could be made quickly and kept upto date with at an acceptable cost until sales developed. But a number of problems and staffing changes within the business meant that I have not been able to keep up with it and there the site has sat.

I have managed to partly stablise things at work and now have to start to think again about cs-cart and the site and what to maybe do.

This time I wondering whether to just accept the cost and buy in the help to keep things up to date and stable etc. I would love to go back to the technical side but it is a time/hassle thing.

I know this is a bit like how long is a piece of string and very open ended …

But am I best to maybe just get cs-cart themselves to do things like upgrades or should I be looking for a smaller set up that could perhaps look after all the technical side give general advice etc.

How much might these things cost?

Anything I should be thinking of?