Buy together

Well, that is certainly wrong!

How do you have your bundle defined in the admin area? What does it show the bundles price should be?

I am getting the correct price although I think the way is is displayed is very confusing.


ok i just found out that there is something wrong here.

catalog discount:

item original price: $460

our price with discount is (73%) :$124.20 usd (which calculated fine at the product page.)

now at the admin side, buy together addon /

adding a product to go with the item is fine. we select the by percentage of the original price and value of 80. which should be 460 x 80% - = $92 just like the catalogue discount.

But NOOO!!! it brings up $99.36 :confused:

if change it to "by fixed amount " then it calculates $124.20 - $80 = $44.20

“to fixed amount” (which i should want):it looks fine because it calculates or puts the number i put in the value box.

so there is something wrong in this side i guess.

ok lets say all fine at the admin side, but why would it show the same numbers i see on the admin side and at the front end but it changes after clicking add to all button?:cry:

ok i think its because we already have a discount on the items so it somewhere calculates wrong.

because on the items that doesnt have a discount it calculates correctly.

try yourselves. give your catalog a discount from the promotion. lets say in the whole store you have 50% discount (it reflects to all your products)

so now, if you want to give an extra discount (using buy together addon) to your customer if he/she buys the matching item then it calculates wrong.

because it calculates from the already discounted price i think.:confused: