Buy Together Unworkable

I set up a buy together combo package and everything looked great on the product page. But add it your cart and then things head downhill. When I go to the checkout it just shows the first product but with the combo price showing. After a good bit of digging around I found how to see what is actually in the cart but most shoppers will probably abandon. Most customers will worry that they appear to be getting charged the combo price but are only going to receive the first item. I have turned of the feature.

Does anyone know if this has been fixed in 4.2?

CS-cart doesn't give a shit:


They implemented it like they used to do with the now defunct Product Configurator (also confusing to the customer). It's really disappointing how poorly designed the products are displayed in the cart. There was an improvement to the way the addon displayed on the product page that was made by a 3rd party developer (for v3) - which was great, but it didn't fix the problem with the way the products showed up in the cart.

Plus, the Buy Together addon ALWAYS assumes there is a discount applied. I just wanted to use it as an upsell - without necessarily giving a discount (like Amazon uses it to recommend similar items). It doesn't make sense to the customer when the Regular price is slashed out, and the same price is displayed, and you save 0%.

I stopped using the Buy Together addon because of this.