Buy together Tab Dissapearing

I have an item that has a buy together option.

When i first set it up the extra tab shows up and everything is fine. Then I check the site a few days later and the tab is not there.

If i enable and then disable the buy together option nothing happens

If i delete the buy together and recreate it all comes back but will then disappear some time later.

Anybody have any advice on this? Is it a bug?



A couple of things to check which may help

  1. Check the available until date on the buy together for the product
  2. Check that the buy together tab is active in product tabs Design//Product tabs
  3. Check the buy together tab is active on the products update page in your admin



All those things are fine.

I did do some testing though and realised that you could not just leave the buy together date blank.

I had assumed that this would just make the buy together option indefinite and last forever

However you must have a date and can unfortunately on set it about a year in advance