Buy Together not showing up on site

Aaaaagh, Help!

I have set up some ‘buy together’ offers on my site. I had some set up previously and set some new ones up yesterday. I can see them all in the back end, but they have dissapeared from the site (they were were all there and working last night!)

I opened up some of the back end files yesterday trying to work out why something wasn’t working (it wasn’t letting me select the allow any options button) but I didn’t actually change anything. However after this the original combos dissapeared. I redid them and they were again working, as were the new ones I set up yesterday.

Where have they gone and how can I get them back?!! (I have noticed that some changes take effect after going into design mode and back out again so I’m not sure if this may what has triggered them disapearing again - but there must still be a problem somewhere else?!)

PS I am not sure which version it is. And I am very un-techie so please use small words :)