Buy Together more noticeable

I wanted to have the "Buy Together" combination in the product details page more noticeable, so the end user do not need to open a tab in order to see the available combinations or just simply miss the popup windows link. So i have created this small addition to place the combinations in between the protuct details and the tabs zone.

You may see a sample on here: http://www.technopac...ual-sealer.html

This is a simple addition to buy together and it does not work by itself unless the addon buy together is installed and working.

I am sharing this so if any one is in need of something similar can use it. Feel free to style it as you wish.


I edited this as well, I think this looks fairly good though! (Im using the UniTheme btw, though I must say that I made a lot of modifications). If you want the package, feel free to PM me.