BUY TOGETHER - link each product back to its own URL


I have set up a number of BUY TOGETHER options on a product. At the moment, hovering on any of the items links me back to the main product…is there away to change this so that I can link to the individual products instead…exaple URL is

You will see the COMBO deals…but each of these extra items just links back to the current URL…which template does this editting and would anyone know the snippet.


Seems to be, you are referring to the Product bundles add-on. In demo it’s working as intended

So most probably it is some issue in the used theme.

thanks for this…which template should I be looking at that controls this…I will compare the theme file against the CS CART file…thanks in advance

You’re welcome!

Don’t know for the used one theme, but in the Responsive you can look for the following template:
And this one template that includes the one above: