Buy Together Inventing Prices

I have made a few buy together offers and am now finding that any time there are more than 1 of a individual product in the offer, CS-Cart seems to invent a price instead of using the discounted price as entered and displayed on the product page in the Buy Together Tabs. Once added to cart new prices are invented and submitted to order


This only happens when 2 or more of the same item are added into a Buy Together offer.
Note that when you add a 2nd of the same item it lists it separately as 1 item instead of 2.
Also you can NOT add additional items as single unit listings

examples in the image are 2+2 and 2+2+2 but are displayed as 1+1+2 and 1+2+1+2
makes it very confusing for customers and useless for store owner to sell at a loss with the reduced prices that CS-Cart somehow invents.

[attachment=15316:Screenshot 2022-01-21 151507.jpg]

this shows how the prices are "supposed" to be calculated and ARE in the product card but NOT when added to cart

CS-Cart Ultimate upgraded to latest version

(forum posted this twice somehow, one with and one without the attached) images)